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Haiti Mission Trip
February 10 - 19, 2014
Overview of the Mission Work in Lapila, Haiti

The town of Lapila, Haiti holds a special place in the hearts of LIttle River Baptist Church. Pastor Fred Wall is a missionary in Lapila, a town up on the plateau in Haiti.  Lapila is located almost in the middle of Haiti, just about halfway between Port Au Prince and CapHaitien.  Pastor Wall and his wife, Joyce, have been serving as Haitian missionaries for many years.  He has had a vision for the people of Haiti that has included:
  • building churches in the people's communities
  • training Haitian men who are called to preach the gospel
  • teaching the gospel to those same pastors and other church ministry leaders
  • building a Bible College for pastors to attend
  • creating a three year curriculum of Bible study for these pastors

To date, twenty-one churches have been built in the surrounding areas.  These churches become the center of the community with school for the children often being held in the same building.
The Bible College will become a reality this year.  Pending ongoing support with funds for construction, the structure should be completed for students to begin coming to school in September of this year. 

LRBC Mission Team Work-February 2014

Nine people were blessed to be able to travel to Haiti during February of this year.  The goal of this particular trip was to address many of the needs that are often left wanting at Pastor Fred's place.  With his focus completely on the churches and serving the people, his personal needs sometimes take second and third place.

Pastor Fred's son, Jonathan, and his wife, Christina, are moving to Haiti during March to begin working as missionaries to the Haitian people.  He will be part of the teaching team for thei Bible College; Christina will be serving people in the clinic, addressing medical needs.

Our team spent many hours readying the second missionary house for Jonathan and his wife.  Cleaning, replacing ceiling tiles, cleaning out old cabinetry, re-sealing roof-top cracks, preparing a cistern for use, and re-roofed a storage shed at this house were some of the tasks we were charged with completing.   We also were able to construct the template (jig) that a team coming in later would use to build trusses for the Bible College.

Once again, the team was truly honored to be a part of God's work through working with and for Mr. Fred Wall in his endeavors.
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